What are War and Battle Games

There are many different categories of games available for different consoles and PC. On top of it all, each of these categories are updated with new games on a monthly basis. It’s virtually impossible to play all the games that are launched, which is why most people have their favorite categories and stick to the games they enjoy the most, but even then you will have to play games for living to attempt every game in your selected category.

War and battle games are two very different types of games, but not for the time players who like one of these categories will also enjoy the other. When you ask most people what war and battle games consist of, they will usually explain a game that takes part on a battlefield with hundreds of people from other side shooting each other. These people wouldn’t be by far off as those types of games definitely, fall into this category. However, this category also covers many other game types that are exciting on a whole new level. With this article, we will explore the different aspects of games that fall into the war and battle category.

War Games

Most war games consist of first person shooter type games, which actually present a massive variety of game styles. The most common type would be something like Call of Duty where you find yourself in the middle of the war scene. This type of game requires a lot more planning than you think, as you would need to cover yourself, protect those around you and take out the enemies are coming straight for you.

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War games such as Call of Duty also offer a different war experience as with some stages you will find herself flying a jet or helicopter. Some of the stages even require the operation of the tank, which could be quite tricky going through town roads while trying to defend herself against other tanks.

Other first person shooter games present a sci-fi, paranormal or fantasy scene. In these games, you are either human or some type of monster with special abilities. These games often present a lot more action as the creatures are taking you can come from just about anywhere.

Battle Games

battle game
Battle games present a whole different environment. In these games, you need to do a lot more planning and a strategy will take you for. This category includes games like World of Warcraft that is also seen in an MMORPG. These types of games usually consist of an army going into battle against another on. In some games you have control over the entire army, putting you in the hot seat to make everything happen.

Planning every move is vital to success with battle type games. You need to know what the best attack strategy would be and how to get out of a tough situation that presents itself.
Battle games can also include war machines such as tanks or fight for airplanes. These are a bit different to those you would find in games like Call of Duty as the entire game is usually based on a single type of battle. These types of games are exciting and a whole new way as you can either command the tanks to attack in a certain way or take control of a tank with your army behind you.