Types of War/Battle Games

There are many different types of war and battle games to suit every player. These games include free versions, multiplayer versions and obviously the very latest games from top developers. Each player has a different preference, but usually enjoy more than one type of war and battle games.

The games are available on different consoles, which offer very similar gaming experiences, but with different features and options. The different consoles also allow you to connect to different servers and friends that the games can be played with it. With this article we will look at the most common game types and why they are so popular.



MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplier Online Role Playing Game. This type of game includes popular titles such as the different variations of World of Warcraft, Star Wars, TERA and many others. These games usually consist of a massive online multiplayer existence, offering an incredible gaming platform. These are usually strategic games that require you to come up with your own game plan and make various decisions that can either make or break your progress. These types of games are extremely popular around the world, and even though they can be played in solo mode, the online option is simply a must.


FPS (First Person Shoot) games are also extremely popular and offer a whole new type of gaming experience. These include popular titles such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, BioShock and others. With these games you take control of a soldier or assassin. You need to make it through the various stages by killing your enemies before they have the opportunity to kill you. These games can be rather difficult, but with enough practice, you are sure to improve your skill level.

FPS is very popular with online versions, allowing thousands of players around the world to connect to one server and battle against each other to test their skills and strategies. Teams are also common, consisting of two teams going head to head against each other.


RPG (Role Playing Games) usually includes quite a lot of fiction and fantasy with the game world and players. The popular titles with RPG’s include Fallout4, Skyrim, Dark Souls and many others. In some ways these games are similar to FPS as you also take control of a character. However, with RPG games you attack with a lot more than just guns as the characters usually have superpowers and your enemies are far from human.


You can also take advantage of popular games such as Worms Battlefield, which consists of a two-dimensional world and small Worms killing each other with various weapons. The game requires strategy as you need to be able to aim the guns with just the right power and angle. These types of games are also extremely entertaining and fun to play. Multiplayer versions allow you to take on your friends on a one on one battle to see who has the best strategies. The objective of the game is to kill the enemy worms before they wipe you out.

There are many other categories that have not been mentioned on this list that include a number of impressive war type games. The lowest above simply covers the most common game types that can be enjoyed with multiplayer options.