Free Online War Games

Free online war games are available on just about any operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. A simple Google search will present multiple options for many different games that are completely free. Most of these games present four versions that come with a price, but in most cases, the free version offers most of the features you need to enjoy the game.

War and battle type games are very popular with the free downloads that can be enjoyed offline for in multiplier versions. Usually, these games don’t require a very fast PC or much hard drive space, which makes them perfect for those of you who enjoy gaming, but are and winning to take up the cash for a full gaming PC. Many regular games are also enjoyed these free games as they offer a different gaming experience.

Types of Free War and Battle Games



There are many types of war and battle games with a free download. You will be able to find just about any game type you’re interested in with a free version. These begin with first person shooter games, which are also known as FPS games. These games allow you to take control of a character who needs to make it through various stages of difficulty. Some of these games are military based, meaning world war I, world war II, special OPS or training circuit type games.

These are a lot of fun and could require some skill to get the very best results. Multiplayer versions are available all over the Internet, which links you up to a server where you can team up with other players or battle against them to see who has the best skills.



Strategy games are also very common with the free download versions. These games require a lot more planning and are usually played as multiplayer. These games are similar to World of Warcraft and offer a virtual world where you need to build your town, get your army together and make sure all necessary items are in place to defend yourself. In these games, you need to plan attacks on other cities while also having a plan of action if your city is under attack. These types of games are a highly addictive and can be enjoyed for hours at a time. The games are fairly limitless as it all depends on how much time and planning that goes into your game.

Air Force

Air force games are also highly enjoyable, but usually, require a joystick of some sort. You will have the ability to use just for keyboard, but for the best experience, we recommend you get a joystick. With these games, you will take to the skies and defeat the enemy while flying a fighter jet or one of the older warbirds, which all depends on the type of game you play. These can also be enjoyed with Multiplayer, allowing teams or head on battles.


With war games, you can just about cover all the aspects of the battle. This includes tanks, which can be quite tricky at first as there are many different controls, but this is guaranteed to be one of a kind game experience for any player. Tanks include different game types starting from strategy games through to straightforward war, which requires incredible aim and having the ability to move fast.