Best War and Battle Games for PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation has been around for many years. The company is constantly working on new technology that makes every game experience simply amazing and as realistic as possible.

There has always been a battle between the Sony PlayStation and Xbox as both of these consoles presents an incredible gaming experience with are only a few minor differences. At the end of the day, it will depend on one’s personal preference including which device, online gaming capabilities, controls of those devices and the excesses they come with.


The Sony PlayStation has an incredible range of games making it difficult to decide, which of the games are perfect for you. Below, we will consider some of the very best war and battle games that can be played on the Sony PlayStation in both solo mode as well as multiplayer online.

Socom U.S. Navy Seals Confrontation

This game is exclusive to the PlayStation, meaning no other device or consoles can provide this game. Players can expect a high-quality war game with many options with each aspect of war. A full range of weapons are available ranging from a 9mm handgun through to RPG’s to ensure the biggest impact on your enemy. Various tasks need to be completed by each player, which makes the game exciting and a thrall to play.

KillZone 3

KillZone 3 is possibly one of the most the action packed games available. Your mission is to get through every stage presenting a lot more than just you many enemies. The weapon range is simply amazing and players have the ability to take in the very best of an FPS type game. In my personal opinion, this game doesn’t fall short of any action, graphics quality or the ability to keep you right on the edge of your seat.

Crysis 2


Yet another breakthrough in gaming for its time. Crysis 2 has taken the aspects of an FPS type game and gave it a lot more power. In the game, you wear a suit that gives you special powers that can be used throughout the game. These powers range from super jumps to making yourself completely invisible. You can also use the suit to achieve super human powers or run at bullet speeds. The game environment is simply one of the best, however, scenes.

A simple example, with many other games shooting or something like a tree, doesn’t have much of an impact. In Crysis 2, years you have the ability to bring down the entire tree by shooting it in the same spot repeatedly. The entire world is interactive with what you do. You also have the ability to travel the way you want as there isn’t just one path to follow throughout the game. With these features, you can expect an action game like never before.

Bad Company 2

For the player who wants to experience every aspect of war, Bad Company 2 is the game that is sure to impress. Not only can you take advantage of the latest weapons and use them in the field, but you can also becoming airborne and battle other jets with your fighter. Helicopters and cars can also be used as a form of transport along with tanks to destroy everything in your path. Graphics and game options present an incredible experience that every player will enjoy.