Battle Games for Mobile Devices

Since mobile devices are becoming so advanced with all the options and features that present, battle and war games are and meant for just gaming consoles for computers anymore.

Many would think that a mobile device can’t possibly offer an enjoyable battle or war game. However, you’d be surprised how useful the touchscreen is with these type of games and how well the game features work with it. There are many different games to try out with every mobile device manufacturer. Obviously, you will find them a bigger selection of games with Android and iOS devices, but this doesn’t mean the other manufacturers don’t offer similar games.

Types of Games

Players can expect the full range of games that might not have been developed by the same developer as those offered on consoles and computer, although some of the best-ranked games are available in certain stores. On the other hand, the games that have been developed by other companies should definitely not be off your list.


The first person shooter range of mobile games present most other features you would find with a full version. This means you can change weapons, aim with precision and even expect accurate responses from the weapons and their results.

The battle games such as strategy games played from a bird’s eye view can also be enjoyed on mobile devices. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular battle games on mobile devices. You need to build your empire and your army to defend you and or take other empires for rewards.

You can also take advantage of other aspects of war, including fighter jets and tanks. These game versions also offer incredible graphics and attention to detail.


With the first person shooter games, you would usually have a movement control on one side your screen and a shooting button on either side. These games are meant to play in landscape, which allows you to use both of times to control the game.


With strategy games you can simply tap on the item you would like to adjust all command and select from the options menu. You can also explore the world and see other empires, allowing you to attack at any time. The jet games you can actually use your device to steer the jet. This means you tilt your device from left to right and make the jet flying in the direction and sharpness back of the vice is tilted at.


This is where mobile devices become extremely useful and fun to play with. With these games, you don’t require an account or are a paid version of the game to enjoy multiplier. If you and your friend have the same game you can connect to each other’s devices and enjoy multiplayer without the need to connect to the Internet.

Multiplayer can also be enjoyed by playing against each other to see who has the best skills and the sharpest name. With other war games, you can enjoy arcade mode where you put up your best score or invite your friends to try beat you.

There are many different aspects that can be enjoyed with a mobile device and all these different wars and battle games. In no way should you expect a mobile device to have the ability to replace your computer or console, at least, not at this stage.