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What's new?
Battlestorm 2 is back in development thanks to the wonderful efforts of Adam Sweeny! If you're a creative writer, talented artist or a gamer who wants his voice heard, join our discussion group now! No Battlestorm experience is needed for playtesters, and we are looking for interesting army lists, spells, and artwork.

What is Battlestorm™?
Battlestorm™ uses a simple but detailed combat system that stresses action, reaction, and interaction.Combat can fire off an exciting chain reaction that suddenly draws many units into the fray. Battlestorm is designed for the bold commander who wants to feel the rush of adrenaline as his troops become enmeshed in a tactical chess match with all the violence and pageantry of a medieval fantasy battle. Use this site to try out Battlestorm Basic™ for free!

Why would I want to play Battlestorm™?
If you've never played a fantasy miniature wargame, Battlestorm™ is a great introduction to this wonderful hobby! If you've played other fantasy wargames, such as Chronopia™, Warhammer Fantasy Battles™, or any others, Battlestorm™ offers you a new set of rules that are designed to be more flexible and faster playing. In most cases, you can even use the miniatures you already have!

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